Element house is an house with low utility -, production and installment costs and it’s meant for faster and more compact way to building your dream home. Element house is actually really similar to modular but it’s elements: walls, ceiling, roof and floor will be installed separately. All the elements must pass the product qualification tests, which will ensure the quality, durability and precision of our elements. Our houses are made while thinking on our customer’s needs, houses will be energy and heat efficient from ground up. Installments are quick, which means that you can get your new dream house meant specially for your needs in just a few days.

All our houses are built while
collaborating with the customer.

Low cost production
and installation.

All elements are built in proper conditions which will
ensure the quality and precision of our elements.

Low worker cost, you could build a complete
house with just a few workers.

All elements are meant to be durable,
energy efficient and heat proof.

With elements you could build small
houses or apartment buildings.